Newly Launched Wines in India from the Vineyards of Spain

Are you a wine lover? A wine connoisseur? A wine taster? If yes, you will be thrilled to know that we have got a new imported wine for you from the vineyards of Spain.

Gran Pasas is a perfect blend of the enthralling views of Spain, the magical vineyards and rich blends of Monastrell grapes and spices by the natives to pour class and quality into your wine glass.

We are eager and excited about Spanish wines, especially those from less explored regions. Undoubtedly, Spain is currently offering some of the best value for money, and most exciting wine brands right now and we got it for you right here in India.

Know a little history of Gran Pasas

Introducing the Gran PasasMonastrell, a Spanish wine that gives you the taste of your life. Monastrell grapes ripens delicious red wine made with complex and deep flavours. The Mourvedre grapes are grown in Spain and primarily used in blending.

Since ancient times, the black-skinned variety known as Mourvèdre has been grown in vineyards all over the western Mediterranean under the name Monastrell in its native Spain.

To blend and create Gran Pasas the grapes are grown in warm summers & rainy winter climates and have small, thick-skinned berries for repining. This brings a thick intense colour to the wine and high tannin levels which we relish. It is grown in the Spanish region of Yecla and has 14.5% alcohol content. It serves the sweeter and jammy thick palates.

Nonetheless, Viticulturists [also known as wine farmers] puts in patients of 5 years before producing the first crop before the vines start to produce fruit of any quality. Furthermore, Gran Pasas takes up to 6 months to fermentbefore final tasting.

4 Crucial Wine Drinking Tips to Impress your Friends in Public

In fact, this wine is often described as “gamey” and pairs well with grilled or herbed meats. But, do remember to avoid spicy foods when you've been drinking, because the alcohol will irritate your mouth and throat. You can pair up this imported wine with beef, pasta, lamb, or game deer.

  1. Study the bottle of wine: No, seriously, read the description on the bottle. Most of the wine brands write a little history on each wine bottle.
  2. Choose the correct wine glass type: This is mandatory for family events. You must have the right cutlery and the right measurement for serving wines. You can get the best guide and glassesfor wine lovers at any The Liquor Estate shop in Chandigarh, Tricity.
  3. Serve the appropriate food with the wine:It is unruly to order food that doesn’t blend well with your wine. Completely forget about spicy Punjabi food and rather go for good quality desserts or grilled chicken.
  4. Grasp 5 steps of wine tasting: Swirl, smell, drink, taste in in the mouth and then swallow. Gran Pasas is a blended wine that has spicy taste in your mouth and warm rich taste once you swallow it.

The best imported wines in India from Spain
With the growing number of wine brands imported to India, consumers have a wide range to choose from. One of kind, unexplored Gran Pasas is value for money, premium taste and blended with spices and dark grapes. Don’t forget to taste and share your reviews.
As per the latest reviews, “Hint of pepper and blackberry fruit, this Gran Pasas feels dry and rustic. If you are a wine lover, you will relish the high tannins and rich flavours of herbs”. Must try!
Gran Pasas is imported wine from Spain, recently launched at the best price in India. It is a perfect gift for Diwali and winter. You can find the availability of Gran Pasas at local tavern shops or you can find it at The Liquor Estate in Chandigarh Tricity.