Old Chief Deluxe XXX Rum is a full-bodied, authentic dark rum. In the segment of fine rums, Old Chief is an authentic pioneer. Its unique character comes from the sugarcane it's made from, giving a nutty, crunchy flavour and a dark brown golden amber hue. Old Chief perfectly combines sweet and fruity aromas with a moderately full-bodied palate and a hint of dark caramel that give it a balanced and exotic taste in every sip. It stands out as a unique, impressive work of art created by a visionary mind. Old Chief Rum, whether served straight or in cocktails, makes a great companion to aficionados of fine spirits.

It is served from a square decanter-shaped bottle with strong and broad shoulders, long strips all around, and textured glass to facilitate better grip. It has a metal screw cap with a classic appearance that completes the look.

Feel the heat with Old Chief Rum, drink responsibly, and live free.


Warm dark brownish Golden


Fruity & Sweet Complex Aroma


Sweet with a moderately full-bodied palate and hints of dark caramel


Rich Balanced & Exotic taste


Feel Authentic with Old Chief Rum available in three sizes of
750 ML, 375 ML & 180ML


Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh

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