Sherry Platinum is traditionally hatched by the master blender’s inspirational hands. Skillfully Crafted for whisky connoisseurs, who value its complex, yet rich and smooth taste. An exquisite blend inspired from sharry casks, this alcoholic beverage has a unique and alluring flavour with warming layers peated with the hint of floral and rich depth of honey and vanilla. It is a perfect assortment of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malt.

Exceptionally unique smooth taste comes in a premium bottle and luxurious packaging box. The golden amber liquid has evolved into a variety of forms. Being smooth and yet boldly warm it has turned out to be a great companion to the whisky enthusiasts.


Amber Golden yellow fossils


Hint of floral, nutty woody peated with floral notes


Exciting, delectable, warm layers of honey giving rich and round mouth feel.


a very smooth taste on the palate. It blends well with either water, soda or ice.


India’s smoothest drink is available in four Sizes
750 ML, 375 ML, 180ML & 60ML
60ML (not available in HP)


Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Uttrakhand

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