KIEV Triple Distilled Green Apple Flavoured Apple is one of its kind perfectly crafted vodka. It is a premium quality flavoured vodka that will delight enthusiasts. As one of the finest triple-distilled spirits with a rich flavour of green apple developed with sophisticated originality and innovation, it offers an unparalleled taste. An ultra-smooth and sophisticated vodka with an exceptional mouthfeel. The brand's distinctive design reflects its sophistication. The transparent view of Kiev city through the bottle is stunning and creates a regal feeling for the brand, making it stand out among its competitors. With its lively and refreshing accomplishments, it conveys perfect notes like silky smoothness, neutral, no odour, just water, no spirit on the nose, leaving its audience enchanted. With its versatility, this vodka makes the perfect cocktail mix. Because of its outstanding quality and fair price, KIEV vodka is one of the smoothest you'll ever try.




No odour


No Spirit in Nose


Silky Smooth


This flawless Vodka is available in three sizes of
750 ML, 375 ML & 180ML



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