Introducing Alcostar Group's Most Popular Imported Brands in India

introducing alcostar group's most popular imported brands in india

“Quality knows no pinnacle. It’s a journey that’s eternal.” .

One of the most revered, reputed and well-known distilleries in northern India, the Alcostar Group has redefined its portfolio in imported liquor brands by introducing 30+ brands.

Introducing the collection of its finest blends, Alcostar Group has introduced 30 top-notch imported liquor brands under imported wines, vodka, liqueurs, and a diverse variety of Gins.

A name that connotes superior quality, Alcostar Group is brewing a magnificent legacy by introducing liquor brands worldwide.

You can also choose from our premium and imported range of more than 14 refreshing wine types, 4 classic vodkas & Liqueur, and more than five categories of refreshing Gin. 
With this latest selection of products, we will continue serving the best range of liquors to existing and new customers.

We are deliberately adding high end collection of wines, vodka, or Gin can find what you are looking for from this brand-new range of classic liquors. 

The imported brand portfolio by Alcostar Group

The latest collection of 30 imported alcohol brands includes brands from all over the world, including France, Poland, Australia, Germany, Spain, and the UK. These brands bring the world's experiences and taste to you.

The company has been working hard to provide the best quality products to its customers, and this latest batch of imported products is sure to delight. Here's a quick glimpse at Alcostar Group's Most Popular Imported Brands:

1. Imported Red Wines

The wine culture in India evolving slowly but significantly, wineries in the subcontinent make strides towards bringing newer, better bottles to our wine shelves, and thus helping us grow more sophisticated wine palates.From a sip of Shiraz, the lush mouthfeel of a Cabernet to the lustrous Pinot, wines are the luxury experience savouring. Made of black grams, blueberries, cherries, red berried, and plums are a few main ingredients dominating in red wines
To leave you with a warm and homely feeling, we bring you 5  brands of swirl-worthy red wines specially imported from South Africa, Spain, and France!

  • Gran PasasMonastrell 75 CL
  • Shortwood Coffee Pinotage
  • Radio Boka Tempranillo 75 CL
  • Le Paradou Grenache Rough
  • Monsieur De Bordeaux Rough


2. Imported White Wines

Summer special white wines are a savoury to our taste palates. Dominantly made of green grapes, which are also known as winemaker grapes. It is clear in texture and typically has a pungent smell of citrus fruits, tree fruits like peaches, apples, pears, and melons.

  • Radio BokaVerdejo 75 CL
  • Ovation Spumante
  • Shortwood Chardonnay/ Viognier
  • Le Paradou Viognier Blanc


3. Imported Rosé Wines

Undoubtedly, Rosé Wine is a statement in itself. Rosé is a type of red wine produced similarly but with reduced fermentation with grape skins. This gives rosé a pink hue and much lighter hint of flavour than that of original red wine.

  • Radio Boka Rosé
  • Shortwood Rosé
  • Le ParadouCinsault Rosé
  • Monsieur De Bordeaux Rosé

4. Imported Gin

Our range of Gin comes in a six of styles based on classic recipes and imported from the UK. Filled with fresh citrus zests, Gin serves refreshingly light and aromatic ingredients that will carve a mark in your heart with their ecstasy!

  • Barrister Sloe Gin
  • Barrister Orange Gin
  • Barrister Blue Gin
  • Barrister Pink Gin
  • Barrister Old Tom Gin
  • Barrister Dry Gin


5. Imported Vodka& Liqueur

One of the most-loved liquor brand, Russian Vodka, is now on Indian shelves. Now you can now choose from an exclusive selection of imported premium vodka and amber hued liqueurs.

Now's the time to stock up home bar shelves that don't hurt your bank balance. Why wait to bulk order your favorite imported liquor bottles for your home bars. Vodka and Liqueurs are all imported from Russia, France and Africa regions of the world.

  • Stock Prestige Vodka
  • Stock Limonce
  • Stock Sambuca. 
  • Stock Triple Sec

What's next by Alcostar Group?

These are a few popular imported brands that Alcostar Group caters to a significant Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal populations. As the company grows, we are dedicated to adding more global alcohol brands to the Indian Liquor Industry.

When finding the best-imported products in India, Alcostar Group is your one-stop shop. We combine excellence in customer interest and exquisite brand choice that is hard to find elsewhere. 

The world tastes newer every day. Cheers!